About Us

Thank you so much for visiting "TechForGeeks". I am Shahariar Rijon, a programmer and founder of TechForGeeks. With my keen interest in programming and my limited knowledge about information technology, I actively launched this platform in September 2019.

This website specifically deals with Web Development, Programming, Android & Computer related issues, etc.

I will continue to do my best to take TechForGeeks to a better and more educational platform. My main goal will be to create a quality website by solving the problems in the world of computer, programming and internet and sharing new articles on these.

I always refrain from giving wrong information to anyone through articles. I have been sharing new articles on various topics since 2019. I want to make the internet an educational platform. The main purpose of this website is to spread the knowledge of technology among others through blogs. I think it will be possible to implement this objective with the cooperation of all of you.