12 Great Productive Summer Plans for You

12 Great Summer Plans for Those Who Want to Spend Summer Productively. If you pursue any one of these, you will take the race for internships or admissions in the next summer.

The Odin Project: The most recommended resource for web development/software development is The Odin Project. If someone can compile this completely free curriculum, his ability to build quick tools/software MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is greatly increased. Both Project Portfolio and Skills are ready to get an internship in the next summer. If you give 5 hours/day daily, it is possible to competrate in 5-6 months. And this dedication is totally worth it. 

MLH Fellowship: This fellowship is a lot like an internship. Its application opens about three times a year (summer, spring, fruit). If you get a fellowship here, then getting an internship in the top companies next and getting a call to interview becomes very easy, it is so effective. GitHub is largely run by engineers. Apart from this, they also partner with BigTech such as Meta, Google, etc. at different times and launch fellowship applications. Now they are taking up applications for Summer.

Missing Semester at MIT: This course is not like the other five Computer Science courses. While regular courses teach tough topics like Machine Learning, AI, Operating System, the focus of this course is on the most popular tools and software used in computer programming. This completely free course will help a CS student to be a lot more productive. Example topics: Data Wrangling, Editors (Vim), Metaprogramming, Potpourri, etc. One of the best computer science courses I've ever seen. 

Link to the course: https://missing.csail.mit.edu/

Devpost.com: Who doesn't love the hackathon? For those who are not familiar with Hackathon, hackathon is a project-based competition within a time-bound timeline where teams have to create and solve problems. For those who do not have an internship experience, the Hackathon Experience helps a lot to get an internship. Apart from this, the team at Hackathon projects as much as they can learn, a few months of CS courses and sometimes they fail to teach as much. Valuable skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, presentation, etc. can be developed. Devpost is the paradise of the hackathon. Almost every week, hackathons are held somewhere in the world and anyone can participate in this Devpost.

Start Learning a Language: The importance of learning a new language in this time of globalization is limitless. There are a lot of benefits including job optics, career advantage, cognitive development, learning a new language. The most popular tool for this is Duolingo. In this app, you can learn any language, for free, at any time. Learning Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, Russian in the current context would be a very nice strategy. 

Build your own X: Replace this X with the name of a popular software tool or game. Have you ever wondered "Ish, if I could build my own search engine/operating system/Git/programming language?". Surprisingly, in the surprise of the internet, every one of them has a step by step tutorial. Just in the absence of a search, they remain unknown. In this GitHib Repository, codes/tutorials for numerous such projects can be found. 

Startup School: This will be one of the courses I've seen if there's a course to change the mind. If there is ever a thought of starting a startup or a desire to take an initiative in life, there are very few that this course can make such an impact. At the beginning of this course, taught at Stanford University, each of the 12 lectures was involved in some kind of a billion-dollar company (unicorn). Every lecture will introduce people who are to be considered idols in the next life. Don't forget to read the reading materials of the course as you take the course.

Learn and do things with Notion: Currently, if someone asks me how to use a software, I will learn to use a software, which one will happen, I will close my eyes and recommend Notion. Conceptual is a note-taking tool that can also be used on computers, the web, and mobile phones. Conceptual game changing tool in Resources & Knowledge Management. Academic study management, website creation, business management, personal note-taking, writing, whether or not can be done with notion. Thousands of things can be done without writing any code (No code). Below are some of the exercises:

Get Educated, Read Books: Summer has an impossibly beautiful time reading books. But instead of reading random category books, I will have a recommendation to take any one topic and search for several resources on it. This increases the domain knowledge and the knowledge of that particulate field can be later combined with other fields (e.g., computer science) to create something innovative. 
Some of my favorite lists:

Apart from books, articles and videos are one of the most popular learning mediums, and since there are many resources in this category, http://schoolsuccess.blog/ recommend where new resources are regularly published.

Start a Blog: Writing is a medium that can be passed on from generation to generation. If you have expertise in a subject of your own, if you write a little bit about it regularly, then your own idea is cleared and everything learned is saved. Starting your own blog/website is not difficult. In addition to the notion mentioned above, some other popular blog writing tools/websites are: 

Take Any of these Courses: The spread of online courses is everywhere, but the number of well-organized, well-defined and well-defined courses is low. Also, the quality of all the new courses is not that good. So what's the way to find a good course? The one way is to ask those who have done the courses. And one such platform, hackernews users can find the list of the courses that have voted the most, here. The quality of these courses is very high quality and each of them is recommended. 

Get Yourself Resourceful: There is no shortage of resources online, but there are fewer resources presented in a series and summaries. Apart from this, there is a lot of lack of guided resources and opportunities for the new university students in Bangladesh and abroad. To that end, School Success with Talha is working to become a 1-stop career and an opportunity destination for students of all levels. Every now and then, the website is posting many articles and resources, including new internships, summer programs, career resources. Save the link and revisit the website daily. There’s enough content to make you more resourceful already. Check these two out:

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