Why Does Flame Go Opposite to Gravity?

The earth pulls everything towards itself, but why does fire flow against gravity? Why doesn't gravity work in the case of fire?

Strange as it may seem, the flame of the fire rises upwards because the gravitational force works.

When the fire burns, the air around the fire becomes hot and light due to the heat. Then the relatively heavy and cold air that surrounds it (especially on the upper side) comes in place of the light air near the fire and pushes the light and hot air upwards and occupies the place itself.

Because the gravitational force works here, the cold air comes down and pushes the hot air up. So we see the flame of the fire rising upwards.

Well, now think about it – What happens if a fire is lit in a place without gravity?

In such a situation, the flame of the fire will not go up, it will spread around in a circle, it will seem that a ball of fire is burning. Because of the fact that there is no gravitational force in space, the flame of fire in space is rounded.

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