5 Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2022

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5 to 7 years ago, you could not imagine playing games on Linux or getting good gaming performance. But nowadays most Linux distros are so powerful and stable that it is now possible to get almost the same gaming performance as Windows in Linux. 
Apart from this, the external GPU support in Linux is also very good. Also, in the past, it was very difficult to install the game in Linux and run the game well without any problem. But now installing and running games on Linux is almost as easy and hassle-free as Windows. Today we are discussing the 5 best Linux distros for gaming.

Manjaro Linux

It is one of the most popular Linux distros among gamers. This distro is mainly popular for its unique user interface, simple setup process, icon style, color scheme, etc. It is an arch-Linux-based operating system. This Linux distro is extremely friendly for gamers and beginners alike. If you want to play games on Linux and you have never used Linux before, then Manjaro is going to be the best distro for you.

In this distro, the Steam client is pre-installed, so that the user does not have to go into the trouble of installing and setting up steam anew. In addition, it already has out-of-the-box AMD and Nvidia GPU's gaming drivers installed proactively since it can be difficult for beginners to set up these drivers manually in Linux. Like any other gaming-focused Linux distro, its controller support is also very good, and in most cases, you can use your exterior game controller without any companion software.

Garuda Linux

This arch-based Linux distro is mainly popular for its unique and beautiful user interface. It's probably the most beautiful out-of-the-box Gnome user interface you'll find. However, in addition to the beautiful user interface, there are many extra features in this distro for gamers that you will not get in many other distros beforehand. Although Linux is the most modular operating system, that is, you can manually get all the features in all the distro. However, you will not find out-of-the-box user interface and gaming features that are out-of-the-box without having to set up and customize a manual in any other Linux distro.

From RAM optimization, gaming mode, CPU optimization, custom runtime for gaming, almost everything is there in this distro. Apart from this, this distro uses a custom plasma desktop environment, each element of which is used in RGB color shades, which creates gaming vibes. And apart from gaming, this distro is stable and smooth enough for normal day-to-day use. If not for gaming, if you want to get good performance and the best user interface, then you can also use the Gnome version of this distro.

Ubuntu Gamepack

It is almost impossible to find a desktop user who uses Linux but has not heard of Ubuntu. Currently, Ubuntu is the most popular Debian-based Linux distro. By customizing Ubuntu for different types of work, Ubuntu is again made into different spins. Ubuntu has some official spins such as Ubuntu Met, Ex Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studios as well as some other unofficial distros. One of these unofficial spins is the Ubuntu Gamepack. After hearing the name, it is not possible to understand that this spin of Ubuntu has been made for gamers.

The Ubuntu game pack pre-installs steam and Lutris gaming platforms in advance and is installed properly so that the user can enjoy the game directly as soon as possible without having to go into the trouble of any setup. The Ubuntu Gamepack also pre-installs PlayOnLinux and Wine so that the user can run Linux apps and games optimized for Linux, as well as Windows apps and Windows games. If you are an Ubuntu fan, you can try this gaming-focused spin of Ubuntu.

Drauger OS

Drauger OS describes itself as a Linux Desktop Gaming OS. The distro is based on Ubuntu LTS releases. However, instead of opting for the kernel from Ubuntu, Drauger uses the mainline Linux kernel. The distro installs Steam Client straight at the start of the Live environment. The distro uses a customized Xfce desktop environment and new users will appreciate the tutorial in the welcome app that’ll take them through a whistle-stop tour of the new environment.

Drauger claims to support most Xbox and Xbox360 controllers and some PlayStation controllers as well. The distro also has several applications and tools installed out of the box to improve the gaming experience, including PlayOnLinux, WINE, Lutris, Steam, and DXVK.

Lakka Linux

OpenELEC based Linux distro is a bit different from the other distros on this list. If you are a fan of arcade and retro games, then this is the best Linux distro for you. This Linux distro will convert your device to a retro gaming console. If you want to get back the fun of those games in the huge machine that you played in as a child, this is going to be the perfect solution for you.

Lakka Linux Distro supports PC, Raspberry Pie, and some other hardware. Its user interface has also been customized like the previous day's gaming console to bring retro gaming vibes. And since arcade and retro gaming are its main focus, it must have an automatic joystick setup, so that the user will not have to face the hassle of any companion program to connect the old joysticks to it.

Even though you can play games on any Linux distribution, the above-mentioned list should give you some pointers to get a great user experience for your gaming adventure.

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