Why You Should Learn PHP in 2022?

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If you want to learn full-stack web development, you need to learn the basic structure of web, HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript and a server-side language, especially if you want to be a full-stack (frontend + backend) developer.

You can learn HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript and frontend framework (React / Vue / Svelte) for frontend development. However, you have several options for the backend. You can learn and use Python or NodeJs, GOlang or PHP for server-side development or backend development. These 4 languages ​​are powerful enough for the backend.

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PHP was originally created by a developer named Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages on the web. It has become the de facto choice for the development of data-driven Web applications by most developers. It is scalable and easy to use. The first version of PHP 1.0 was released on 8th June 1995.

It is the most widely used scripting language. It is open source. It is also easy to learn and easy for beginners to implement a system using PHP. It supports various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It is free and supports almost all the servers and different databases. It is well suited for web development.

But you will hear many web developers say that " PHP is a Dead Language. There is no point in using PHP in 2021 and beginners should now avoid PHP and learn other server-side languages. " But how logical are these words? Is PHP Really a Dead Language Now? Let's talk about it. But at first, you should know,

# Why Do They Dislike PHP?

There are many answers to this question. You will get different answers from different people. But the most common reasons why many web developers dislike PHP are:

1. Initial setup is much more troublesome than other mainstream programming languages ​​or scripting languages.

2. Compared to other dynamic programming languages, PHP's syntax is a bit weird, and many people who move to PHP from other languages ​​may have problems adapting it.

3. Although there are some real advantages to writing PHP codes directly in HTML tags, many are not used to this practice and do not like it.

4. Installing and maintaining external packages in PHP is much more complicated, For example, If you compare Python's Pip and NodeJs with NPM Package Manager, Adding and managing external packages in PHP naturally seems like a daunting task for those who are used to NPM. 

# Why You Should Learn PHP?

  In a word, PHP is still the most used server-side language. And so the demand for PHP developers is currently the highest in the job market. This is why you should still learn PHP. Because, you can be sure that in the next 10-15 years, at least in Asia, the demand for PHP developers will not decrease at all.

# PHP is A Very Automated Language

  As you may know, PHP is one of the oldest programming languages. Which was released almost 26 years ago and still in active development. PHP has every basic facility as well as OOP and almost all modern programming functionality that you may or may not find in other high-level dynamically typed programming or scripting languages!

# Jobs

  Since 75 percent of the web is powered by PHP there will obviously be a lot of jobs involving some sort of PHP coding. All these websites need to be maintained and PHP developers needed for that. The enormous market share of PHP won’t be gone overnight, so jobs involving PHP will be around in the future.

# PHP is Good For Web Security

  We all know that the internet is not a friendly place. Any website can be a victim of cyber attack at any time. However, PHP is more secure than many other technologies. There are several security infrastructures built into PHP that you can use to easily secure your web application.

# PHP is Open-Source And Completely Free

  It means that PHP is not only free-to-use, you can also inspect the source code of PHP if you want. PHP can be integrated very well in Linux. That is, the entire stack of PHP is free and open-source.

# WordPress and Laravel

  Now it is difficult to find Internet users who do not know about WordPress. Millions of websites on the Internet are using WordPress. One of the reasons that PHP is used by so many websites is because WordPress uses PHP. The market share of WordPress is approximately 34 percent of all websites. That’s almost 75 million websites using WordPress. And this number is increasing day by day.

As long as WordPress exists, the demand for WordPress developers and PHP developers will continue to grow. There is a lot of demand from WordPress developers nowadays. But to be a WordPress developer, you need to learn PHP first. 

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Web frameworks created using PHP, such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, are also very popular web frameworks today, and you must know PHP to use them!

# Basic PHP is Very Easy to Learn

  One of the reasons why Python is such a popular programming language is that learning Basic Python is quite easy for beginners. And for those who already know any other programming language, learning the full language is much easier. 

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If you have previous experience with C or C Sharp or Python or JavaScript, learning PHP will be very easy for you.

Although declaring a variable with PHP's syntax and dollar sign is a bit strange, which is a little difficult to adapt, PHP's actual syntax is much easier and straight forward than other languages.

# Huge Community For Support

  As PHP is a much older and most widely used server-side scripting language, PHP has a huge support community. So you can easily solve any problems you may have, such as using any stack of PHP. From StackOverflow to GitHub and Linux user communities, you can find solutions to any PHP problem.

PHP is not dead and will not be dead any time soon despite its flaws in architecture it is still updating and providing solutions and overcoming its flaws. 

If you want to start a career as a PHP developer you won’t run out of options when it comes to finding a job. There are plenty of jobs involving PHP skills and this will stay the same in the near future. I strongly recommend learning PHP in 2021.

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