15 Weird and Interesting Websites on Internet

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I found some interesting and strange websites on the internet.
So today I will share with you some strange websites on the internet that are enough to surprise you. Let's Get Started.

1. (Flight Radar)

This site will be useful if you want to see the flight movement like the airport staff. Through this, you can see where the planes are moving in the world and their current location. To see the flights Click Here

2. (Noooooooo)

Are you too upset about something? Then go to this site. This site will show annoyance on your behalf. What a strange thing! Isn't it? To go to the site click here

3. (What Font is)

We see different fonts in different pictures or writings. Then we want to know the names of those fonts. for that, you should click here

4. (Throw Away Mail)

If you want to get a mail address for a short time, this site will be of great use to you. You can use this email until you remove the tab in the browser. If you cut it, you will get another new email. To go to the site click here.

5. (Unlimited Zoom - Zoom Quilt)

Have you heard the name of the country of fantasy in fairy tales? If you enter this site, you may feel like you have entered the world of a fairy tale. The site may take a while to load but it's really awesome. Click here and go to the fantasy kingdom.

6. (Live Air Traffic Control)

I found this website very interesting. Audio transmitted from various air traffic towers around the world can be heard live through this site. Try it once. Click here to visit this site.

7. (Stars)

Through this website, you can see three-dimensional images of different planets and stars in the universe. Science freaks will love it a lot. Click here to explore the galaxies.

8. (Pointer Pointer)

Entering the website, wherever the mouse pointer is taken on the webpage, the image will be opened to 'indicate' something with the finger. Wherever the mouse pointer is caught, there will be the part to 'point' with the finger. It's a very strange website. Link to the website - Pointer Pointer

9. (Ancient earth Globe)

It is difficult to understand anything other than the universe in front of the eyes at first by entering the website. But clicking remove clouds from the top corner on the right side of the webpage will open a three-dimensional design of the earth 600 million years ago.

In fact, the website is a three-dimensional design of the present-day earth, from the first multicellular life 600 million years ago to the extinction of the dinosaur 65 million years ago. Each design can be zoomed in.

What the earth was like 600 million years ago and what it is like to change now can be known in detail in the bottom corner on the left side. A link to this amazingly educational website - Ancient Earth

10. (Essay Typer)

It is the easiest website to write essays or English articles online accurately. Entering the website and writing any one word and pressing enter, the .doc page will be opened. Even if you type whatever you want from the keyboard, an article will be printed accurately. 

The most interesting thing is that even if you type whatever you want on the keyboard, the article maintains consistency in being printed. Link to the website - EssayTyper

11. (Weave Silk)

You can create different designs at will. If you rotate only with the cursor as desired, all the extraordinary designs will be made on their own. If you don't believe it, you can try it. Link to the website - Weave Silk

12. You're Getting Old
I was most surprised to see this website. After going to this website and writing your date of birth, they will show you all the mathematical calculations that you could never have imagined. 

Even two famous people will show you how to get involved with your birthday. Link to the website - You're Getting Old.

13. The Million Dollar Homepage

There's a big story about the website. A 21-year-old student became a millionaire through this website. Many people will find it incredible to hear. The student's name was Alex Tew. He lived in England. 

That was in 2005. Alex already had a dream of becoming a millionaire. At this time, the cost of the university inspired him to make his dream come true. Then he took an alternative path. He created a webpage and created 1000×1000 pixels there. 

These pixels had the opportunity to buy different organizations or websites. The price per pixel is $1. For those who purchased, Alex would add their company's logo or any other picture to that pixel and link it to the company's website. A bit like showing an ad. In this way, within a few days, it became a viral topic on the internet.

Gradually, many popular companies started buying Pixels for $1. However, applications for the purchase of the last 1000 pixels were submitted innumerable. As a result, Alex organized an auction on eBay (e-bay). 

In the end, all the pixels were sold through auction. The last pixel sold for $38,100! And that's how $1,037,100 went into his pocket! 
Webpage link - MillionDollarHomePage

14. Quick Draw

It's a bit of artificial intelligence (AI) type. Here, you will get a chance to paint anything in 20 seconds. You can draw anything you want. However, you will be surprised after a while. 

Because, as soon as you start drawing, a voice will continue to describe what you are drawing. It's really awesome! Link to the we
bsite - 

15. (9 Eyes)

Through this website, you can see various funny pictures happening on the street. It's really a lot of fun. If you want to be entertained click here

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