Why You Should Avoid Traffic Exchange Websites?

traffic exchange website

Traffic exchange sites are some sites where you visit others' websites and others also visit yours. After signing up for traffic exchange sites, you will be asked to visit some websites for 15 to 30 seconds. The more sites you visit, the more visitors will come to your website as well. This way you can get hundreds of visitors to your blog.

Wow, hundreds of visitors! So What is the problem with using Traffic Exchange?

Those who do not have visitors to their websites, they try to increase visitors to their sites through traffic exchange. Especially new content creators do this the most.

I used traffic exchange 2-3 times on my blog. My blog received thousands of views in just one day. But after reading some articles, I found out that it could have a serious impact on my blog. Since then, I have stopped using these sites.

I think new bloggers in particular should be warned about this. That's why I wrote this article. So let's see why you should not use a traffic exchange website?

➺ Fake visits
Yes, fake visit. Since there is no captcha on most of the sites, users use bots to visit the site. That means the visits received from here are fake visits. And those who do not use bots, also visit the site in any way without seeing the content of your blog. You can understand that there are no real visitors to your site. How long will it last with a fake?

➺ Increase in bounce rate
The bounce rate is the time between visiting a website and leaving it. On traffic exchange sites, someone visits your website for just 15 to 30 seconds. As a result, your bounce rate continues to increase. This will affect the rank of your website in search engines. When the bounce rate of the site increases, the search engine assumes that there is no good content on your site. So it doesn't rank your page.

➺ No one cares about your site
On the traffic exchange site, users visit several sites at once. Since they want fast traffic to their own website, they do not think much about other people's sites. This means that no one on the traffic exchange site actually re-visits your site.

That means you're getting hundreds of fake visits! But the result is zero. To be honest, such sites are just a waste of time. If you want to use Google AdSense on the blog, then you must avoid traffic exchange. Because Google wants quality content. If you exchange traffic, Google can cancel your AdSense at any time.

So try to optimize your blog or site for search engines by excluding these thoughts. Write quality content on the blog. You can write thereby joining various online forums or websites. Maybe it will be a little late, but you will definitely get the result of your hard work. Best of luck. 

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